Agetha’s Tuesday Morning

Agetha loved her job more than anything else in the world, except for perhaps tea and chocolate. When she was out with a client she felt like a princess as well as a girlfriend. Escorting was indeed her life and a life she wouldn’t trade for anything else.
It was a pretty ordinary Tuesday morning for Agetha, she’d spent the night at a client’s hotel and she was on her way home after an excellent evening. She’d been wooed with champagne and fine food, taking out to dinner in a very swanky London restaurant, and she was feeling well and truly happy with herself.

Now let it be said here, in the beginning that Agetha was not one to fall for a man easily and it took a lot more than champagne and fine dining to get her full attention when she wasn’t working. She called at her local Sainsbury’s to get some essentials for a morning at home in her apartment: milk, bread and the latest celebrity gossip magazine.

When she approached the self service checkouts, something she hated worse than perhaps a stoning, she heard the man in front of her ranting and raving that he couldn’t get his payment card to work. She sighed to herself and looked around for another checkout to use, but it appeared that everyone wanted bread and milk at that time on a Tuesday morning and she was out of luck.

But then, just as she was beginning to wish she was anywhere else other than this lousy queue, behind this obnoxious prick in front of her, the guy turned around. Well, to say that she was stunned would be an understatement to say the least. This man was like no man she’d ever seen in her life before and to this day she couldn’t explain what it was about it that made him appeal to her. She didn’t believe in love at first site, but she certainly believe in lust at first site, and this is what she was experiencing. This was incredibly rare for Agetha, and considering she’d not long left a hotel where good sex was in plentiful supply it was even more strange that she should be feeling a stirring sensation in between her legs.

He was tall, about six foot three by her reckoning (and she was good at this estimation by now!), slim but not too skinny, dressed in a pair of light coloured jeans and a tight white T-shirt; he was classically what had become known as the guy from the jeans advert in the 1980’s. His body was hot! His face was a little contorted due to his upset with the payment machine in front of him, but still she could see through this and his two days growth of stubble to see a face that wouldn’t look out of place advertising the latest fragrance by Armani.

As soon as the guy noticed Agetha looking at him he calmed instantly as though someone had shot him with a tranquiliser dart directly in the ass. He looked her up and down and a smile grew on his face. Agetha prided herself on her appearance, and because she’d not long left a swanky hotel she’d had time to shower and prepare herself fully. She was wearing the same clothes as she’d had on the night before and these were attracting a lot of attention, not just from the guy in front of her either. She had a evening dress, short and black, and a pair boots that came up to her knees; also black. There wasn’t much more to the outfit, except for the fact that it complimented her 34-24-34 figure perfectly.

She sighed and looked into the guy’s eyes. They were deep and sexy, and after she examined the rest of his face, all she really wanted to do was lean forward and kiss him full on his lovely looking, thick lips.

“Are you having a little trouble?” she asked with a smile that would win the pope.

“Yeah, this god damned machine won’t take my card!” He said in an irritable tone, although he softened a little more towards the end.

“I’ll get them for you if it means we can move along a little quicker,” replied Agetha, not meaning to sound as sarcastic as she did. It didn’t seem to faze the guy though, and he was quite clearly happy in the fact that he was talking to a sexy woman at that time on a Tuesday morning. He was quite clearly a tradesman, wearing a dulled pair of jeans and a worn out shirt. She glanced at his shopping and saw that it consisted of a sausage roll, a packet of crisps and a bottle of juice – tea break!

He fumbled for change in his pocket to pay with cash but proceeded to drop it all on the floor. Agetha had almost forgotten about paying for her things and she was just content looking at him bending over scrambling about for his money; he has a wonderfully tight ass and thick strong, long legs. She decided to get things moving eventually and simply leaned forward over her man collecting his money and paid for his goods with her payment card.

“There you go,” she said cheerfully, “it’s not too bad getting a woman to pay for you, you know.” She laughed as she saw him trying to stand up, only to realise that she was still standing right over him.

When he finally stood he brushed his head past her tummy and her boobs; it must have been an intensely erotic charged moment for them both. He stumbled his words as he found his face no further than a few inches from hers. She wanted to kiss him so much.

“Well…you didn’t need to pay for me,” he stuttered.

“Well you can walk me to the door and be a gentleman in return can’t you?” said Agetha quickly thinking of a reason not to lose this guy back to his building work or whatever else he was planning to do when he’d eaten his sausage roll.

After she’d paid for her bread and milk she walked out of the store with the guy. He was looking at her ass as she walked slightly ahead of him, she could tell because he wasn’t hiding the fact at all.

“So this is me,” he said as he slammed his hand on the side of a large, white transit van. “Thanks for the snack,” he continued as he opened the door, “I don’t suppose…, no it doesn’t matter.”

“I’d like a lift home? Is that what you wanted to ask?” Interrupted Agetha.

“Well as a matter of fact it was, but I can’t blame you,” he said, again looking at her body, although this time her cleavage.

“Yes, I’m a little worn out to tell the truth, you can drop me off nearby if you like,” she said. She jumped into the van without hesitation, leaving the guy standing there wondering if Christmas had come early or not.

They set off through the busy street and she directed him to near where she lived. She didn’t get him to drive directly down her street; she never did this with anyone. Agetha was quite a private girl in many respects and although she did in call escort services and outcall, she used a flat somewhere else in the city for this purpose.

“Just pull up here would you?” she asked him. These were the first words either of them had spoken since she jumped in the van; you could cut the sexual tension in there with a knife. “I feel the need to repay you in some way, you didn’t have to give me a ride,” she said, hoping that he’d take the lead. She was feeling hopelessly horny and wet in the panties.

“Oh no problem at all, I don’t mind. My names Terry by the way,” he said holding out his hand, obviously thinking that he should be gentlemanly and very formal.

“I’m Agetha,” she replied putting out her hand. However, when she was about to shake his hand, in a split second she decided to smack it aside and dive in for a kiss.

She leaned over the seat and stuck her tongue in Terry’s mouth so deep that he almost pulled away. However, it wasn’t long before there were in each other’s arms kissing like they’d been going out for a week or more.

“Do you want to get in the back?” asked Terry, slightly out of breath.

“Hell yes,” replied Agetha looking around the street in which they were parked to see if it was likely they’d get into any trouble.

They climbed over the seat. Agetha was less than impressed with the cleanliness of the van, but all this soon disappeared when she saw her man taking off his grubby shirt to expose his naked chest. She was very impressed with what she saw and instantly moved forward to stroke his pectoral muscles as they twitched beneath her touch.
She allowed him to take off his jeans while she lifted her dress above her head. He was quite clearly impressed with what she had on underneath because he stopped undressing just to look at her. She was wearing a matching set of lingerie, including a basque, small black panties and black silk stockings held up by some lacy straps attached to the basque. He reached out to her and stroked what he could see of her boobs before she released them to his eager grasp. He was in his element and she could see the bulge in his shorts growing bigger and bigger. Without a word she scooped her hand inside and pulled out his cock.

She allowed her boobs to tumble free of her basque as she lowered her head onto his cock. She took him into her mouth slow and easy, and to hear him moan like so many men had moaned for her in the past made her pussy wet like no other. She pushed her hand down her own panties and found her clit, hard and responsive to her touch. She toyed with it slowly as she sucked in his cock, then she pressed harder and harder as she brought herself to a surprisingly fast orgasm.

It was then that he took the lead. He pushed her onto all fours and turned her around. She had her hands on top of a dirty pile of cement sacks and her knees rubbing on the handle of an old shovel or something; she felt her stockings split, but this made her hornier than ever. When he entered her from behind she moved slightly forward and slammed the palm of her hand against the side of the van. She listened closely for about a second in case anyone heard, but couldn’t concentrate for long because this guy’s cock was so big and thick. She moaned as he pushed it into her harder and harder, and what seemed like longer and longer. He slapped her naked ass as he pushed into her and she loved every second of it. This was an area that Agetha liked to be a little adventurous with the right person.

Time seemed to pass in an instant between the first time she came and the second now that she was on her knees with Terry pummelling away at her pussy like he meant to break it. She loved this hard fucking, and when she came she felt as though something was tearing through her lower body and stomach. She virtually collapsed, and just when she thought she might not be able to stay on her knees in order to make her man cum, he pulled out of her, turned her around and demanded that she open her mouth, which she did willingly. It was amazing what Agetha would do when she was caught in the moment, and right at that moment there was nothing more she wanted than to make Terry happy and let him squirt his hot load of cum into her mouth.
He unloaded into her mouth with a moan of delight and a shudder than made the van rock more than when they were fucking. She let him watch her taking it all into her mouth until she’d had enough and then spat it on the floor of the van. He looked on in amazement at her as she smiled up at him.

“Will I see you again?” Asked Terry.

“I don’t know, it all depends on where you buy your mid morning snack and how lucky you are really doesn’t it?” Replied Agetha. She’d satisfied herself now and she wasn’t as hot for a relationship as she was for encounters like this; but you never could tell.

“It isn’t every day that a sexy girl buys your snack and then fucks your brains out!” Said Terry, laughing.

“Well,” said Agetha as she opened the back door of the van, “today isn’t every day is it.

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