An Occasional Fling.

John had never even thought about hiring an escort girl before; at least not until he came to London. He was a happily married man with a couple of kids and all the other stuff that went with it, but he wasn’t entirely happy with the amount of time he actually got with his wife these days and he increasingly thought about having an affair. He longed for the company of an attractive, witty and interesting woman.

Of course, having an affair rarely worked these days, he knew that much from his work colleagues. The amount of his co workers that had affairs and were consequently discovered was shocking. All this told John was that there were a lot of unhappy people out there and that perhaps monogamy wasn’t a natural human attribute. Who did mate for life these days? He considered this a lot and could only come up with his parents.

Realising that you only have to reason these kind of things with yourself, he made the judgement that if he was to hire an escort girl then it wouldn’t be cheating; and he too could continue his parents’ tradition of monogamy with a clear conscience. Visiting London would be the perfect place to try this out so he arranged to meet an old work friend of his over the weekend and decided that prior to his visit he would book a London escort. He had heard about the escort girls in London before and he’d never heard anything but good reports.

He found a website that organised this sort of thing, it was an agency who told him the girls would be nice and dress to impress, and all the other sort of stuff that you’d expect to find. He was careful to find Knightsbridge escorts because that’s where he was staying; he didn’t want anything to go wrong, and he certainly didn’t want his London escort getting lost trying to locate his hotel. He chose a girl called Flora. Flora was a blonde European escort with a lovely look to her. She had the most gorgeous figure he’d seen in an age and he wondered for a moment why she wasn’t on the front cover of FHM or an equally popular lad’s mag. When he looked at her pictures after making his booking he couldn’t help taking out his cock to have a quick one off the wrist with just the thought of meeting this girl. He was so excited.

When he arrived in London he met up with his old friend and they had a few drinks in the afternoon. No matter how he tried to switch off, just the thought of having an escort waiting for him when he returned to his hotel was something else! He desperately wanted to tell his friend all about it, but he knew that his friend had met his wife and thought her to be a wonderful woman etc etc; the last thing John needed was a moral lecture, and besides he’d already convinced himself that he wasn’t cheating anyway.

The afternoon went slowly and when he arrived at his hotel he had time enough for a quick shower and change before there was a knock at his door. When he opened the door and saw Flora, the Knightsbridge escort standing there looking at him with a big smile on her face he almost wanted to slam the door shut and hide. His heart rate started to rise and it was a while before he realised that he hadn’t even said hello. Flora looked a little confused and asked him if he was alright.

“Yes, of course,” he stuttered, “please do come in; I’m sorry, I was miles away.”

He watched her enter the room and remove her coat. She tossed it onto a nearby chair and turned to look at him. She looked amazing. She was wearing a red dress that was so tight around her gorgeous body that he could see every single curve and bump. This was a real woman. Flora looked like one of those girls from the early years of cinema, all shapely and just how a woman should be; not stick thin and invisible when she turned to the side! This is how he like his women and he was beginning to feel an overwhelming desire to simply take hold of her and squeeze her everywhere.

“So, you’re John,” she said in a slightly broken English accent, “I am very pleased to meet you, and it looks as though you’re pleased to see me too,” she said as she pointed to the growing bulge in his loose trousers. John had neglected to put on any shorts after his shower, choosing only a pair of trousers he slept in.

“Ah,” he said moving closer to her, “you’ve uncovered my secret weapon.” When he said this, although Flora laughed, he felt like an idiot. What an idiot thing to say.

“Perhaps you should take off those trousers John?” suggested Flora with a smile.

John needed no further encouragement, he knew what he came here to do and he was damn sure going to follow it through. His heart rate had actually started to calm a little now that he had finally met Flora, although when he looked over at her as he took off his trousers it soon began to rise again. She turned her back on him and slipped her red dress to the floor like a wet towel. What remained was something so beautiful he could hardly move. He stood there with his mouth wide open and his cock stood out like the flagpole on the exterior of the hotel.

She had on a beautiful pair of seamed, black silk stockings, held up by the most delicate silk suspender straps. The straps curved over her perfectly formed ass and joined a thin, almost visibly breakable suspender belt. Under this she wore a delicate little black thong and when John peered down a little he could see the neat little package her pussy made, tucked up nice and cosy between her legs.

As he looked further up her body he saw that Flora had on a matching bra with tiny silk straps. At the moment he wished to see her from the front she turned round as if she read his mind. He immediately became preoccupied with her enormous tits. They sat there, all milky white and soft in her black lace bra with the silk strap. John couldn’t wait to get his hands on them and he moved forward instinctively, only to trip on his trousers that he’d carelessly forgotten about around his ankles. He picked himself up off the floor and took in the scent of Flora as he rose right in front of her.

As he stood his cock brushed against her pussy and nudged her in the tummy as he brought himself even closer. Flora smiled at him as he put his hands out for her boobs. He looked at her for an indication he could do what he wanted and she nodded her agreement. He took her boobs in his hands and transferred the weight of them from their bra into his grasp. He squeezed them ever so gently and heard Flora allow a little gasp to escape as he started to scoop them out of their carriers.

When he finally got them out he could think of nothing else except fucking them. After he buried his head in them for a minute or so, smelling Flora’s skin and getting close to bursting point between his legs, he lead her onto the floor on the carpet and got her to lay on her back while he straddled her lovely big boobs. He hadn’t had a tit fuck since he was in college and now was the time to do it again.

Flora knew what she was doing and pretty soon she had her delicately soft boobs wrapped around John’s cock as he fucked them nice and slow. John felt amazing. He looked down at what he was doing and it made him feel like some form of King, being allowed to have anything he wanted. Flora smiled up at him and asked him how it felt. This made him even hornier. His wife never asked him things like this when they were having sex; all he ever wanted was to have lots of fun and do it right.

“Are you going to fuck me John?” asked Flora as she struggled for breath due to John banging her chest.

“Hell yes,” he replied enthusiastically. “Will you bend over for me honey?”

He didn’t really have to wait for an answer because as he was getting off her and asking her she was already turning over for him; this was great, he thought to himself, it’s as though this Knightsbridge escort could read minds! She got onto all fours and leaned around with her hand to guide John’s cock into her pussy. John was amazed at how tight and wet she felt. This babe was really up for it, he thought, and this was the only way to have fun in the city.

He looked down and saw her pulling her panties over her ass cheek, and he watched as she slammed herself back onto his hard cock as hard as she could. John thought he was going to explode there and then. He hadn’t even notice her slip a condom onto his cock, and he didn’t really feel the difference; this babe was something else!

Reaching around and bending slightly over her, John was soon hanging onto her lovely big boobs again as he fucked her pussy nice and hard. She gasped and encouraged him to fuck her nice and hard and told him that she wanted him to cum. John could barely hold back any longer and with one last, hard push he emptied his balls. It felt so good coming with his cock inside Flora, and as he did it he felt sure that she shuddered to a delicate climax too; he certainly felt her legs go all tense and her pussy clench around his cock.

They both got up and sat on some rather expensive looking lounge chairs that were by a desk. They sat without speaking for a few minutes and then John asked Flora if she’d like to order room service.

“Yes, I think I would thanks,” she said happily, “we’re in no hurry right? And I thought we might like to do that again in a few minutes.”

“Sure!” Said John, hardly believing his ears. He had a strange notion that this girl would just run away when they’d had sex. When room service arrived they both sat there in dressing gowns enjoying some freshly made sandwiches and a couple of beers. Before long Flora had the urge again and she walked over to the bed and spread her legs wide for John to watch while he finished his drink. He watched as she played with her pussy. It wasn’t long before he was standing to attention again and had another go with his lovely London escort.

John met Flora on several occasions when he was in London, and to this day he still uses London escorts on a regular occasion. His wife knows nothing about what he gets up to, but their marriage is as good as it’s ever been; if not much better!

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