The differences between incall and outcall


What are the differences between incall and outcall escorts?

It’s a pretty good question for anyone who has entered our site for the first time and never thought about hiring an escort girl before now. There are some people out there you know, don’t be so cynical! This is the place where you’ll get to find out about the two main categories of London escorts out there; not just from this agency but from virtually every escort agency in London.

What is an incall escort?

An incall escort is an escort that you visit. You will be required to go to their place basically. This can be their own home or a flat that they use to work from, perhaps shared with another escort girl, or even maintained by the escort agency.

When you visit these places and hire an elite London escort you can expect absolute discretion and a level of comfort that should be at least a little better than you might expect from an independent escort in her flat. Many elite London escort incall apartments are luxuriously decorated with excellent facilities for you to enjoy such as: showers, Jacuzzis and king sized beds etc

Things to remember when you visit an escort’s apartment


  • Don’t treat the place as if it’s your own. This means that you need to wait to be invited to come in, not to put your feet up on the table unless you ask, and to ask to use facilities etc.
  • Don’t outstay your welcome. If your time is up then leave; it’s that simple really. If you fail to leave you can be sure that our escort girls have ways in which they can get rid of you in a more unpleasant way. Please consider this.
  • If you’re not going to make it or you’re going to be late please call. There are others who would more than likely love to have your appointment so please don’t waste anyone’s time.
  • Be nice and polite. This should go without saying, but you’d be surprised just how often people are rude when they shouldn’t be


What is an outcall escort

An outcall escort is an escort who visits you. This is relatively simple. You tell the agency or independent where you live or where you are staying and you arrange a time for the visit. There are a few things you need to consider when hiring an outcall London escort:


  • They have to travel so expenses may be higher.
  • Don’t be surprised if they arrive with a driver. Don’t worry, this man is here for their security, comfort and protection and he’ll usually wait in the car, hotel lobby, or drive around for a while.
  • Make your escort girl feel at home. If you are at home tell them to make the place their own and not to worry. If you are in a hotel then order room service if there is something that they would like to have.
  • Treat your escort with the utmost respect. Remember that she has travelled across London to be with you wherever you are, and you owe it to her to be nice when she arrives.
  • Don’t expect anything that you haven’t already discussed with your escort girl. If you ask and you are denied, accept this and enjoy your time
  • Again, just like with the incall escorts, if you’re going to be late, not in, or you want to cancel, please do so as soon as possible to avoid any inconvenience; and don’t hide when they arrive!


Whichever escort you decide to choose we are certain you’ll have a good time. Go and check out the gallery and make a booking when you’re ready.

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