How much are London Escorts?


How much are London Escorts?

This depends on many things really. You don’t necessarily pay extra for busty escorts, or blonde escorts for example, but you can pay quite a difference depending on the elite escort agency you use to find them. It’s often better to go with a high class escort company who has high quality customer service and various procedures in place to cover them in the event of complaints etc, rather than a cheaper, less reliable escort agency.

What does your extra money get spent on?

If you consider that your extra pounds are being spent on quality and service then you shouldn’t have too much trouble reconciling yourself to the fact that you’re going to pay that little bit extra for some particularly stunning and accommodating, high class escorts.

Because, customer service aside, you want to know that you are going to get a hot London escort don’t you? You’d be an idiot if that wasn’t the first thing on your mind. It’s all very nice having an elite escort agency talking very nicely to you on the telephone, but at the end of the day you want hot London escorts!

And this is also what your extra pounds will buy you. This is simply because the elite escort agencies will not take on any London escorts who do not meet their very strict and high achieving criteria. Only the best girls are available as high class escorts; otherwise there would be no difference would there?

Can you pay for extras?

Well paying for extras, whatever you consider those to be, will usually be discussed between yourself and the London escort of your choice. There is usually room for negotiation with the high profile escorts, just as long as you’re not rude.

What you pay for on elite escort agencies is the time spent with the girl as an escort; and that is all. Once you’ve been with a few London escorts you’ll soon get the hang of how things work and you’ll be back time and time again to sample different girls. Perhaps blonde escorts, or brunette escorts, or busty escorts; whatever you fancy, there is more than likely a London escort for you.

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